Who attends Chōsen?

Chōsen is a network of innovators, international expatriates, and next-generation leaders who strive to live in alignment with the values of courage and exploration via healthy living and life-long learning.  Our global community of extraordinary people are connected by the drive to explore the boundaries of what purposeful, high-performance living can be. Hailing from all over the world but especially from the following cities: Singapore, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai and New York.  We find many common threads among us. Many are expats living away from their home countries, some are in transition to a new stage in their lives, some are new fathers and mothers, some are recently divorced, some are about to embark on a new entrepreneurial project, some are on a wellness journey to improve their health and some just need to recover and recharge from the burnout and stress of their busy and demanding jobs. We attract people who are curious and adventurous, who want to learn and grow and who want to redefine their purpose from “success” to significance.  We are inclusive, diverse and non-judgemental, but we find that our community draws like-minded people together who form incredible bonds that stretch across globe.

Where does Chōsen host experiences?

Our main hub of operations is in Bali, Indonesia where most of the Life Optimization Experiences are hosted.  Impact Experiences are hosted in the following locations: South Africa, Iceland, New Zealand, and Latin America. We are always looking for new adventures. Tell us if you have an epic destination that we should check out.

How much does Chōsen cost?

Chōsen Life Optimization Experiences start at US$5,400 up to US$6,900 depending on room type and sharing.  Impact Experiences vary on a case by case basis.

Why should I invest my time and money in the Chōsen Life Optimization Experience?

An investment in yourself means better self-care, health, strength, clarity and resolve going forward. You have a goal you want to accomplish: leaner body, mental clarity, faster recovery, more sleep, less stress, etc. These types of changes are more achievable using the catalyst of an experience like Chōsen. This experience offers a week without distractions of logistics and administration to check-in with yourself, nurture yourself and return with a renewed sense of clarity of purpose.  We will do an assessment before, go through the week with ideal food, sleep and play, then do a post-assessment to organize a lifestyle plan for your desired objectives. This is the ultimate investment in yourself to not only upgrade your fitness but your performance in all areas of life. The Experiences are inclusive of luxury accommodation, meals, transportation, activities, body work, assessments, workshops. There is a 1:1 ratio of experts to guests during the week including Olympic Gold Medalists, nutritionists, movement coaches, mindfulness and meditation coaches, bodywork experts, breathwork specialists, etc.

What is the booking and cancellation policy?

More than 90 days notice: full refund minus 25% admin fee rebooking ok
60-90 days notice: 50% refund, rebooking ok
Less than 60 days notice: No refund, rebooking ok
Less than 30 days notice: No refund, no rebooking

We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances arise. Therefore if you wish you reschedule your experience, please do so before one month prior to your experience.  In all other cases, your travel insurance should cover the reimbursement of an unexpected cancellation.

Does Chosen offer discounts?

If you submit full payment upon booking, we offer a 5% price reduction on your booking.  On occasion, we will offer a special rate to our community or to our social media followers.  Please join our mailing list and follow our social media if you would like to be notified on such occasions.

Does Chosen offer shorter experiences?

We know that you’re busy.  A week is a long time to be away from your commitments.  At the moment we do not offer shorter experiences because we suspect it may not be enough time to be an effective transformational experience.  You want a quick fix, but we can’t offer that. Making time for yourself is a challenge. We understand that! There is never an ideal time. You allocate your time based on your priorities and it is your choice whether you are making time for yourself or not.

How fit do I need to be to attend Chōsen?

We accept people of all fitness levels as long as you are willing to explore the boundaries of your body and mind.  Each experience is customized based on the fitness levels and capabilities of the group. If you are still unsure, please reach out and ask.  We will always do our best to accommodate you.

Do you have a minimum or a maximum age?

Our community consists of people of all age groups.   

Is Chōsen a luxury wellness retreat?

Chōsen might be categorized as a luxury wellness retreat but it is so much more than that.  Chōsen is an immersive learning experience where you take home knowledge, experience and a fresh perspective on living.  Every detail of your experience is curated with your comfort, safety, enjoyment, and personal growth in mind. Luxury wellness retreats are often spa and detox oriented in the isolation of your own villa. Chōsen requires vulnerability, curiosity, participation and engagement. We will push you out of your comfort zone, you will overcome challenges you didn’t think you were capable of and you will love it.

Is Chōsen a detox retreat?

We feed you and we feed you well. It’s wishful thinking to believe that you can abuse your body for the rest of the year and you’re healthy now because you detoxed for a week.  The purpose of the Chosen Life Optimization Experience is not a quick fix to counter your lifestyle behaviors but rather to support you in designing a lifestyle that supports purposeful, high performance living.

Is Chōsen a weight loss bootcamp?

You might lose weight, but it won’t be because you tried.  The inevitable outcome of a lifestyle of wholesome food, daily movement and mental stimulation is always a healthier and more vibrant you!

What is the itinerary for a Chōsen Experience?

The specific itinerary for your experience will remain a mystery to you until the evening before each day.  This is a conscious exercise in living in the present and not worrying about what the next day will bring. Rest assured that we have thought through every detail of your comfort, safety, enjoyment, and personal growth.  To give you a glimpse into what to expect, each experience incorporates the following considerations:

  • Circadian Rhythm Programming

  • Stress and Cortisol Management

  • Food and Nutrition Learning

  • Fitness and Movement Exploration

  • Adventure and Learning Sessions

  • Bodywork Recovery Sessions

  • Breathwork, Yoga and Meditation Practice

  • Values and Goals Identification