Members of our community learn from the Chōsen Lifestyle Architects – a select team that comprises some of the world’s foremost lifestyle practitioners, including Olympic medalists, professional athletes, business leaders, wellness doctors, nutritionists, and personal-performance experts. The program modules they have formulated are practical, long-lasting and constantly evolving for maximum payoff.


Life Optimization Experience

Chōsen’s signature program has been designed to have immediate and measurable impact. Featuring personal challenges and team adventures, goal-setting workshops, yin yoga and meditation sessions, and even a well-stocked library to peruse during down time, the program champions self-exploration for a refreshed perspective on purposeful living and empowerment. Our alumni call this “the Chōsen Effect.”


Impact Experiences

Our Impact Experiences expand on the Chōsen Life Optimization program with expert-led workshops such as Living with Impact, Exploring Flow State and Visualization. These experiences are held in some of the world’s most picturesque and intriguing destinations. The 2018 Impact Experience took place in the Eastern Cape, in South Africa, with focus on wildlife conservation. In 2019, we will return to Queenstown on New Zealand’s wild South Island, to explore the connection between sustainability and personal wellbeing.


Partnership Experiences

Chōsen is proud to partner with the Global Wellness Summit and the Global Wellness Institute for a unique event to be held in October 2019.  We frequently team up with professional bodies – including regional branches of the Young Presidents' Organization and the Entrepreneurs' Organization – so that business leaders may benefit from our Life Optimization Experience as they shift their personal focus “From Success to Significance.”


Bespoke Experience

Chōsen also offers customized, fully immersive learning experiences for groups of eight to 12 people. Such itineraries allow families, work-team members and friends to share knowledge, strengthen bonds, eat healthily, benefit from exercise, and re-emerge refreshed and newly motivated.