A week-long Chōsen program is the catalyst for a refreshed attitude to life. Self-exploration and self-care are the foundations upon which we build a mindset for continual growth.


“As I made my way downstairs to the table, a virtual wall of laughter rose up to greet me. It sounded exactly like the animated dinners I have with my family and closest friends. Six days ago, this was a group of stressed-out strangers. What I heard around the table was the essence of camaraderie and friendship, brought about by an extraordinary week of physical and emotional discovery.

- Damian Foxe, Financial Times

Chōsen’s programs are formulated around a set of principles: we champion lifelong learning, meaningful social connections, the acceptance of new challenges, and personal evolution. The ultimate goal is to ensure we all make the right choices every day of our lives.

The Chōsen Lifestyle Architects – our team of lifestyle practitioners that includes Olympic medalists, professional athletes, business leaders, nutritionists, and personal-performance experts – have all gone through the Chōsen program.

The itinerary for each day of your Chōsen Experience will remain a mystery to you until the evening before. This is a conscious exercise in living in the present, without undue concern for what the next 24 hours might bring. For a glimpse into what to expect, each experience incorporates:

  • Circadian Rhythm Programming

  • Stress and Cortisol Management

  • Food and Nutrition Learning

  • Fitness and Movement Exploration

  • Adventure and Learning Sessions

  • Bodywork Recovery Sessions

  • Breath Work, Yoga and Meditation Practice

  • Values and Goals Identification