Loved the fact that there was no sense of competition; everyone was very supportive of each other and I feel that comes from the host’s attitudes and values to begin with. The Mind-Body Integration session was the highlight of the trip for me. Chōsen gives you a workout on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I’ll definitely be back and intend to make it a regular event on my calendar.

- Gina, Hong Kong

Chōsen is a unique and revitalizing experience. Fun, challenging workouts and learning-specific outdoor adventures are offset by luxury accommodation and wellness workshops. The food was simply incredible. Partnered with great conversation and lots of laughs, the professionally designed menu supports performance and optimal health whilst tasting beyond delicious. Mindful-movement activities such as yoga not only strengthen your body but also open your mind. After the program, I have never felt more energized, healthy, relaxed and reset.

- Nikki, Sydney

I like meeting new people and love the camaraderie that forms during my experiences with Chōsen. We may not come from the same backgrounds but the fact that we came to Chōsen is one purpose that ties us together. And now I have an extended global Chōsen family – in Calgary, Shanghai, Brunei, Dubai, Norway, London, California, Singapore, New York, and Australia.

- Avey, Hong Kong

The days will challenge you, the people will inspire you, the unbelievably good food will fuel you, and you will love every minute of this unique experience. I have never come back from a time out of the office so relaxed, rested, and focused.

- Michael, Seoul

A truly unique and rewarding experience. In seven days we were able to accomplish many firsts across the group. The quality of the food, plus the preparation and delivery, was excellent. I am well-versed with good food thanks to my time in Hong Kong and Singapore, and the Chōsen team ranks at the top of the experiences. Providing a balance of healthy, nutritious food whilst still ‘wowing’ the palette is a true art form.

- James, Hong Kong

Chōsen was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and something I will remember forever. The people in the program were excellent and made the experience very memorable. This was by far my best time I’ve taken for myself. It’s not often you can feel relaxed, stronger and enlightened after a week away, but that is how Chōsen has left me.

- Adam, Sydney

The people at Chōsen were worth the entire experience, and having everything taken care of from a planning perspective was beyond luxury. I will be back and cannot wait to do so.

- Eva, Switzerland

The overall experience at Chōsen helped me overcome my fears, step out of my comfort zone and interact with great people opposed to my solitary personality. I would have felt lost if we were a bigger group. The number of attendees was perfect. I feel revived and look forward to the next adventure.

- Alya, Dubai

What an amazing week. This really was an awesome mix of learning, exercise, adventure and gourmet meals in an idyllic setting. The superb organization made for a low-stress and restorative week. This let me focus on having a great time with similar-minded people. It may have been my first Chōsen experience, but it won’t be my last.

- Dave, Canada

An unforgettable experience. The food, training, coaching and 24/7 service made the program worth every penny. I don’t know how they do it. Pushed to my limits with a top bunch of Chōsen participants. A must-do experience for any curious, health-conscious person.

- Andrew, Australia

I laughed a lot and learned a lot. An unforgettable experience where complete strangers become great friends in a matter of moments. The people really made everything that much more enjoyable – just a great, inspirational, eclectic bunch. The program was the perfect balance of learning, relaxation and adventure.

- Michelle, United Kingdom/Kuwait

One of the best weeks and the most amazing experience of my life. I overcame my comfort zone or did something new every day, which is what it’s all about. Every meal was perfect. By the end of the week, it felt like all of us Chōsen attendees knew each other for way longer than just one week and it was obvious that no one wanted to leave this incredible place. I will never forget this week, and everything and everyone who was part of it.

- Pascal, Switzerland

I loved the Chōsen program and it was exactly what I was looking for. I think the concept is great and would be interested in future experiences. I loved the group size and the amazing people.

- Maura, Japan

Chōsen was a life-changing experience. I didn’t want the week to end. I recommend it for anyone who wants to expand their comfort zones and seek new adventures with like-minded people in a gorgeous environment.

- Lisa, Monaco

I loved the sense of family. Every attendee was similar in that we are all expats but we all individual characters who gelled together so easily. It was obvious that Chōsen took care to select the attendees. I felt that you made us feel exactly how you would want to feel if you were participating and appreciate that everything we did was tried-and-tested.

- Sarah, Dubai

It’s so hard to put my feelings in a couple of sentences. Chōsen was truly an incredible experience. The people, the connections, the food and the workouts – everything exceeded my expectations. It was so nice to be with like-minded people for a week. I can’t wait to come back.

- Rachel, United States

I met amazing people from all over the world. We spent fantastic time that we couldn’t imagine in daily life. It was simply an extravaganza for grown-ups, I dare say. We spent days and nights talking and learning from each other at the incredible pool villa, the Chōsen chef serving healthy food, and the program was filled with various outdoor activities. I also loved the healing programs like the spa under a full moon.

- Ki Hong, South Korea

Chōsen was the best experience I’ve ever participated in. From the people attending to the luxurious accommodation to the amazing activities, every detail was well thought out and beautifully executed to make a lasting impact on your life.

- Kimberly, Hong Kong