Our Healthiest Travel Companion Yet


We’re thrilled to introduce our new travel companion – the Chōsen Travel Planner. A practical resource for the intrepid traveler that extends the Chōsen philosophy on balanced living beyond the week-long experience. This stylish notebook is a practical resource for the traveler that helps keep goals and healthy habits on track while on-the-go. chosen-x-notebook-24The Chōsen Travel Planner aims to move away from technology and is packed with tips on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and creativity.We worked with our team of qualified experts to carefully curate every aspect of our planners. We wanted to inspire and support our alumni and help them adjust back into life, after an experience with us. We purposely stayed away from technology-based planners as we wanted to continue with our philosophy of encouraging mini digital detoxes at the start and end of each day; spending a few minutes re-aligning and practicing mindfulness.” says Chōsen co-founder, Robin Connelley. chosen-x-notebook-45The Planner is split into five sections: Fitness, Nutrition, Travel, Mindfulness and Knowledge & Art. Here we give you a preview of some of the savvy advice that can be found inside this book to help you explore, learn and enjoy life! Fitness: a list of our favorite workouts for anywhere with no equipment such as three rounds of 20 air squats x 20 burpees x 20 push-ups, with room to map your fitness plans and progress.Nutrition: at-a-glance references for a balanced diet like finding protein in chia and hemp seeds, or bee pollen and spirulina when fresh organic meats aren’t easily available.Travel: space to note new thoughts and ideas during travel and notes on what you’ve learnt on the journey.Mindfulness: plenty of productivity tips like setting daily intention for kindness, patience or gratitude as an anchor point to come back to throughout the day.Knowledge & Art: suggested podcasts to listen to during travel like The Habits of Happiness by Matthieu Ricard. There is space to jot down some of the others you’d like to come back to.  Plus more hacks on managing your time and health to accompany you wherever you go.What more could you ask for in a travel companion?The Chōsen Planners are available to purchase and are priced at US$40 excl postage. Please email contact@experienceChōsen.com to reserve your copy.  

TravelChosen Team