Training for success with Olympian Michael Klim


Winner of six Olympic medals, including two Golds, Australian swimmer Michael Klim also excelled at World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Pan Pacific Champions competitions, and in 1997 set a world record at the Australian Championships in the 100m Butterfly event – an accomplishment that went unbeaten for an impressive six years.Today, Michael is an inspiring father and a successful entrepreneur. As a Chōsen expert, he draws on his hard-won experience to help others meet their goals in fitness, health and business. Here, Michael shares seven lessons learned during his sporting career, and which drive his success today.

1. Find your purpose


Success comes in many forms, but often it arrives when doing something you are passionate about. Whether we’re talking early mornings in the pool or late nights in the office, time moves quickly and pleasantly when you are completely absorbed in what you are doing – determination to succeed comes naturally when you are indulging a passion. Most importantly, you are guaranteed to have fun!

2. Take the driver’s seat

Pro-fitness is great training for taking on responsibility because you quickly learn that positive results correspond directly to the amount of effort and focus you put in. It is the same in business: being responsible for outcomes leads to the best results.

3. Clear your mind

I prioritize my health and fitness to ensure maximum physical and mental performance. It’s been proven that maintaining an optimal nutrition and exercise regimen provides clarity of mind, and such clarity is essential – in both sport and in business – to making good decisions. The energy you gain will have you thinking on your feet, ensuring you are always ready to take on risks and opportunities as they present themselves.

4. Plan for the future

The main thing that sport has taught me is the importance of structure and planning, which I continue to use in my daily life. In the pool, my full attention was dedicated to my performance. These days, however, my attention is spread in many directions: towards my family, my business and my personal commitments, as well as my health and fitness, and I compartmentalize so that I can be present in all of them.

5. Surround yourself with experts


Having access to a high-performing team of experts is key to success, both in sport and in business. In sport, I was fortunate to benefit from a team that helped me to maximize my physical and competitive performance. Today, I seek out specialists in a variety of disciplines to help carry my business forward.

6. Build team spirit

Being part of a sporting community gave me a strong sense of team spirit. I try to replicate that in my business, creating an environment of common purpose, values and enthusiasm.

7. Never stop learning

Top-level sport required that I continually evolved by seeking out new knowledge and information, and maintained a habit of analyzing myself and my competition, and I apply this approach in business today. No matter how successful you become, stay curious and open to learning through new experiences.

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