This Tuna Tataki Recipe will Blow Your Mind

Did you know that tuna is full of Vitamin B12, loaded with magnesium and good for your heart? It’s also an excellent source of lean protein that leaves you filled and fueled for hours. This recipe by Chōsen chef Josh is a firm favorite with participants at all of the Chōsen experiences. He likes to serve it with a fresh side salad and wedge of lemon on the side, making it perfect for a substantial starter, lunch or modest main dish. This recipe makes five main portions or 10 snack portions. Easy! Ingredients:750 g sashimi-grade tuna cleaned and cut into 100g portions (5cm long, 2cm wide)1tsp salt1tsp black pepper1tsp red pepper1tsp white pepper1tsp paprika1tsp chili flakes100ml grape-seed oil Method:Put all of the spices in a mortar and pestle and grind together to form a spice mix. Roll the tuna in the spice mix. Put a pan or barbecue on high heat and add the grape-seed oil. Once the oil is hot sear the tuna on all sides, about 30-seconds per side. Slice and serve. Enjoy! The Chōsen Team 

NutritionJosh Davies