The Wellness Guide to Singapore with Rhyce Lein


Balance, variety and a community of like-minded people these are the foundations of a healthy lifestyle for Rhyce Lein, General Manager of fitness specialists GuavaPass. Rhyce recognizes that not everyone can make a yoga class part of his or her working day. However, as a Chōsen experience alumni, he knows how important balance and supportive networks really are. Here, he shares his tips for staying in shape while visiting or living in the Lion City. chosendecember_24 (1) You work out most days. How do you keep things interesting?I work out Monday through Sunday, and I like variety. That’s what GuavaPass is all about – curating the best workouts to suit your needs.I balance my high-energy and high-impact activities with active rest-style classes of stretching and yoga. The high-energy workouts are known as 'yang' and need to be supplemented with 'yin' practice to optimize performance. So, a typical week for me in Singapore looks something like this:

  • Monday: I like to start the week off strong! I tend to go for a GuavaPass HIIT class (high-intensity interval training) to burn away the weekend's indulgences.
  • Tuesday: I head to F45 Amoy Street to focus on strength and resistance training. There are so many benefits to this kind of workout beyond the increase in lean muscle – there’s evidence to show it’s great for increasing bone density and improving your metabolic rate, as well as improving the symptoms of some specific skeletal conditions.[1]
  • Wednesday: I’ll do a GuavaPass yoga or barre class. And yes, men do barre! In fact, barre is great for working on smaller muscle groups through isolated movement.
  • Thursday: By mid-week, I’m back at F45 Amoy Street to do some strength and conditioning classes.
  • Friday: After four days of solid exercise, I need a stretch, so I focus on that at the end of the week.
  • Saturday: You’ll usually find me at F45 Amoy Street’s ‘Hollywood’ class. One of my favorite classes in the F45 series, it's an hour mix of cardio and resistance.
  • Sunday: By the end of the week, yoga is my pick. I visit the Robinson Quay studio of Yoga Movement for a ‘hot’ core class. It’s a great studio and a killer class! Yoga Movement offers hot classes where the temperature can rise to around 40 degrees Celsius to increase the intensity of your practice. It’s not for everyone, and they offer non-hot classes too.

 Where do you go for workout-friendly food?Easily my favorite breakfast spot in Singapore is Common Man Coffee Roasters. We tend to gather here on Saturdays and Sundays after our workouts. Their all-day brunch menu offers the staples, as well as great vegetarian options and house-made condiments.For fast, efficient service and good food, my pick is Grain Traders. The restaurant is perfectly located right in the CBD, and the food is amazingly fresh. It’s a must-try!For something indulgent, my two hotspots are Spago by Wolfgang Puck, on the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands, and Neon Pigeon. I suggest checking them out in this order: go for sunset cocktails at Spago followed by dinner at Neon. You won’t be disappointed. After all that working out, how do you manage soreness?Finding someone who knows your body and can manage specific issues over the long term is ideal. Dr. Stretch is my favorite solution for this kind of management. These guys are new to Singapore and use a specifically designed technique to deliver a deep, core stretch. For someone who exercises all week, stretching and being proactive in managing any tight areas is important. 

Chōsen travel tip: For that all-important perfect night’s sleep, Chōsen recommends Hôtel Vagabond Singapore, a luxury boutique property housed in a 1950s heritage art deco building just north of the central business district.Hotel         Deluxe Executive Club 2   [1]  

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