The Chōsen Travel Planner is a handy resource for individuals who choose to explore themselves and a balanced, purposeful lifestyle’s myriad possibilities through travel, nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and more.

This stylish, leather-bound notebook is where you can pinpoint your goals, identify how to achieve those goals, and keep a record of your progress and personal growth while embracing life’s many adventures.

By asking you to take time out for yourself, to reflect on your days, and to explore your innermost thoughts honestly, courageously and with integrity, the planner also helps you to step away from the technology that has come to dominate our modern lives.

With the Chōsen philosophy of optimized living and continual learning at its core, “your practical partner in exploration” is also packed with tips on everything from fitness and food to wellbeing and creativity. There are also thought-provoking suggestions for books, movies, podcasts and more to inspire you on your journey.

Although the Chōsen Travel Planner was originally designed as a companion for those participating in week-long Chōsen experiences in exotic destinations such as Bali, Iceland and South Africa, many attendees have found it a difficult – if healthy – habit to break once home again, the planner’s impact continuing to be felt in the months that follow.

“We worked with our team of qualified experts to carefully curate every aspect of our planners,” says Chōsen co-founder Robin Connelley. “We wanted to inspire and support our alumni and help them adjust back into life after an experience with us.

“We purposely stayed away from technology-based planners as we wanted to continue with our philosophy of encouraging mini digital detoxes at the start and end of each day; spending a few minutes re-aligning and practicing mindfulness.”  

Essentially, the Chōsen Travel Planner invites you to explore yourself and the world around you through five distinct themes: Fitness, Nutrition, Travel, Mindfulness, and Knowledge & Art. 

The planner’s Fitness section features a list of hands-on workouts that can be practiced anywhere without equipment. We suggest you try three rounds of 20 air squats, 20 burpees and 20 push-ups. This section also has space to map out your own fitness plans.

Nutrition includes at-a-glance insights into maintaining a balanced diet. Did you know that when fresh, organic meats are not easily available, you can obtain essential protein from chia and hemp seeds, from bee pollen and spirulina?

Naturally, Travel is an essential component of the planner. Here you enjoy ample space to record your personal experiences, thoughts and ideas while on the move, and to reflect on all you learn along the way.

Mindfulness is fundamental to the Chōsen philosophy, and the planner features tips that encourage kindness, patience and gratitude as anchor points to return to throughout each and every day.

Ready to be inspired? In Knowledge & Art, the Chōsen team of professional lifestyle practitioners recommends a range of fascinating documentaries and movies to watch, podcasts to listen to, and books to read during your travels. Have you heard Matthieu Ricard’s TED Talk on The Habits of Happiness? It’s a must and potentially life-changing!

The Chōsen Travel Planner also includes savvy hacks on everything from managing your time and staying at the peak of health to exploring the world with confidence, honesty and a contagious sense of wonder.

The Chōsen Travel Planner is priced at US$40, excluding postage. Please email contact@experiencechō to reserve your copy. 

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