Join Triple-Olympic Medallist Andrew Lauterstein for a Chōsen Experience this June

 As a Triple-Olympic medalist and World Champion, Andrew Lauterstein is one of Australia’s most successful former professional swimmers. Now he spends his energy competing in CrossFit, having participated in The World Games in 2014, plus channeling his success track record into the business and community. On June 25th he will be coaching and mentoring participants during our next Chōsen experience in Bali.
Here we speak to Andrew about his motivation in fitness, business and life. Plus what to expect from a week spent with him at a Chōsen experience in Bali.

What elements of your Olympic training do you see yourself using to this day?

My early morning training sessions made me an early riser for life, which is said to be a habit of successful people.  Swimming has taught me to focus on the end goal and visualise myself winning. Focus and visualisation have become second nature to me, and something that helps me in shaping my life.

How does your swimming training help your approach to business?

I learnt through my swimming career to not overthink things. With swimming, if you think too much, your body tenses and you can’t perform at your optimal level. Instead, I would focus on the swimming rhythm and feeling the strokes. It is the same in business and life, feeling the daily rhythm is most important.

You have a lot on the go. Tell us a little about the motivation behind each of your business ventures?

Engine Swim was a very natural business for me to get involved in. It takes on my knowledge of swimming performance and competition, as well as contributes to promoting the sport I love.I also opened the New Wave Swim School in late 2015, and am grateful to have a chance to coach and motivate young and aspiring athletes through our ‘Learn to swim’ program.My Chōsen weeks in Bali are always something I look forward to. It is yet another chance to share my professional experience while enjoying beautiful Bali. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to work with people from different walks of life and know that you are contributing to improving their overall wellbeing and lifestyle.

So what can we expect from a week spent with you at a Chōsen experience?

A lot of laughs, I would say. The spirit of the Chōsen experiences is very relaxed and easy-going, but at the same time we manage to fit in quite a lot of training and adventure. We do daily strength and mobility training, plus a few swimming sessions of course. The adventure part changes every time, so I am in for a surprise myself!It’s a great week of reflection, relaxation, exploration and resetting. So the aim is to spend some time training, sharing experiences and enjoying delicious wholesome food in a special place.

What do you look forward to most when coaching participants during a Chōsen week?

I love the Yin yoga sessions at the end of each day, as this is the part that challenges me the most.I also look forward to being a part of the group of the participants,who we call Ninjas. The groups are very well curated and the experiences attract like-minded stellar people! Everyone ends up learning from each other and leaves inspired by one another’s achievements and aspirations. The next Chōsen event with Andrew Lauterstein starts 25 June 2016 in Bali. Register your interest here.  

FitnessChosen Team