Here’s what Happens When You Push Past Your Comfort Zone


You quit your job… but back to the beginning first.

I was always your usual girlie girl. Afraid of heights, too wussy for the monkey bars in the playground and after transitioning from school to college I generally felt (ashamed as I am to admit it now) too cool to continue hobbies I once loved like playing basketball and musical instruments. There was always a strong desire to fit in and conform because that’s what the ‘cool kids’ did. Thankfully growing up knocked that on the head and my love of fitness and sport came back in full. The saxophone and piano are still collecting dust, but hey, you can’t win them all.The habit of ‘conforming’ was more difficult to address. With such a strong desire developed to ‘fit in’, ‘be liked’ and ‘not upset anyone’ I inadvertently began to care far too much about what other people thought of me including my friends and colleagues. The desire to keep everyone else happy was making me unhappy and in turn stopping me from realizing my full potential. Something I wasn’t aware of at the time.Fast forward to summer 2015 when I attended a Chōsen experience in Bali with about a dozen participants and experts. Little did I know as I unpacked my bag on the first night that the company’s tag line, ‘Get comfortable being uncomfortable,’ would carry a much bigger meaning seven short days later.Chōsen experiences are designed to make and break you at the same time. In a strange way they find your weaknesses and transform them into strengths. After a week I was no longer afraid of cliff-jumping, canyoneering, repelling and everything else that overwhelmed me growing up. Heights were simply no longer a problem after jumping off so many literal and philosophical edges during the week. Here are seven more transformations that took place.I stopped second guessing myself and began to trust my gut instincts in life and work because sometimes you just know that something is right.I began to live up to my full potential, eat better, sleep better and in general put my health, wellbeing and happiness first.I started to address my areas of weakness like patience, mindfulness, goal setting and overcoming the desire for immediate gratification constantly.I started to figure out where I wanted to be personally and professionally in ten years’ time which prompted me to resign from my current job at the time, take a three-month sabbatical and apply for a role that was aligned with my ten-year goal.I immediately made the wellbeing and happiness of my family, friends and myself the highest item on my list of my priorities.I stopped sweating the small stuff and realized that being different is the best thing a person can be.I began to embrace the feeling of being uncomfortable because I finally understood that it’s a sensation that must be worked through in order to learn new things, develop new skills and become comfortable past your comfort zone.If you’re interested in pushing past your comfort zone and getting comfortable being uncomfortable find out more about Chōsen experiences here!

MindfulnessChosen Team