Chōsen Recipes – Nutrient-packed Ninja Shake


Each day on a Chōsen experience starts with this vitamin and nutrient-rich shake, specially crafted by our Executive Chef and Partner Josh Davies. A carefully formulated mix of natural fat, fiber and protein, it’s the perfect pre-workout fuel and an ideal addition to your healthy morning routine.Try the recipe below or create your own version by substituting ingredients. Swapping cacao for a pinch of cinnamon is an easy way to change the flavor profile and boost the antioxidant content. Or if you need an extra pick me up, try adding a shot of coffee. 


1 frozen banana1 teaspoon of raw cacao powder15 each of activated almonds and cashews20 pumpkin seeds1 handful of spinach250ml of coconut water50ml of coconut oilFlesh of 1 coconut (if available) 


Place all the ingredients into a blender with ice and blend to your preferred consistency.For a thicker shake, add more ice or frozen banana, but be mindful of the added carbs and sugar in this potassium, fiber and magnesium-rich wonder fruit. 

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