Adopt One of These Evening Routines for a Good Night’s Sleep


A successful evening routine will ensure you get seven to eight hours of sleep and set you up perfectly for the day ahead. Keeping electronics outside of the bedroom, taking an Epsom-salt bath or drinking herbal teas are all a few ways to wind down after a busy day. To help you develop your own perfect routine we asked five Chōsen experts what they do every evening before going to sleep. Mix and match different elements and come up with one that suits your schedule. taylor-rank

Taylor Rank

Strength and Conditioning Coach“My evening routine is quite simple, and is usually completely geared towards recovery for the next day. I finish coaching, eat my dinner and head home where I spend a good 15 minutes or so "getting my kitties right" by feeding the cats, cleaning their litter, and playing with them for a bit.  Afterward, which is probably my favorite time of day, I hang out with my wife on the couch while using the "Compex" (an electric muscle stimulator) to aid my muscles in their recovery from training. While doing so, Larissa (my wife) and I usually watch something on Netflix, or study as we’re both constantly pursuing knowledge or certifications of some kind.”     molly

Molly Maloof

Medical Doctor, Strategist, Researcher and Health Technologist“I aim to get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. I get seven and a half on average, which I consider a perfect amount. To wind down I often take a bath with vitamin C (to neutralize the chlorine) and rose essential oil. My bath time is sacred to me as it enables me to stop looking at my screens around 9pm. I change the color of my lights in my home (I have six Philips Hue bulbs and lamps around my place that are remote controlled) to pink or red to signal my brain to turn on melatonin (blue lights turn it off). My evening vitamins include magnesium and serenagen (a Chinese herbal stress formula that I take when my life is super stressed). I also chill out with a cup of green or red tea.     andew_resized

Andrew Lauterstein

Triple-Olympic Medalist, CrossFit Games Athlete and Founder of Engine Swim Australia“My days are usually very active and busy, so by the time it hits 8.30pm I’m more than ready for some sleep and don’t really require any ‘winding down’ techniques. I make sure I have my clothes all organized for the next morning and wear an eye mask to make sure it’s nice and dark."        

 kat-resizedKat Hurley

Life Coach, Meditation and Mindfulness Educator, Yoga Instructor, Athlete, Personal Trainer, Inspirational Speaker and Published Author“A perfect evening is a bath and a book followed by low tech or no tech after 9.30pm or 10pm. I drink Magnesium Calm at night, which helps me sleep and replenishes sore muscles. Our room is cool and dark, no technology near the bed, no TV and if it weren't for our crazy kittens, we'd sleep like queens. I love to be in bed by 10.30pm.”       


Elisa Haggarty

Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Natural-Foods Chef and Founder of Culinary Farmacy“My wife, Kat and I try to put technology away at least an hour before bed and unwind together. I like to clean and organize the kitchen and tidy up. I'll take a shower or an EPSOM salt bath, which helps me reconnect with myself after being around my computer so much during the day. My wife and I ask each other two questions before we fall asleep. The first is, "what was your favorite part of today?" and the second is, "how could I have been better for you today?” We don't even own a TV and our computers are always kept outside of the bedroom, this helps us reduce our exposure to electro-magnetic fields and allows us to get into a deeper state of sleep.” 

WellnessChosen Team