10 Things That Happen When You Give Up Sugar


It’s no longer a big secret that sugar can cause obesity, hormonal problems and chronic disease.

But how can you kick the white stuff when feelings of anxiety and longing crop up every time you try? Certified integrative health coach Elisa Haggarty has helped hundreds of people to re-frame their relationship with sugar via her virtual nutrition-consulting program called The 22 Day Sugar Cleanse. To motivate your new nutritional journey, Haggarty has listed the top 10 benefits you’ll enjoy once you go sugar-free.
  1. Awareness: You start to realize just how much you were relying on that handful of M&M’s, pretzels and energy bars. Slowly but surely, you become more mindful in your choices and create fresh habits for a new normal.


  1. You gain energy: Initially, you may feel a littlemore tired than usual, but this will pass after a few days, and your body willstart to produce energy naturally once it has learned how. Sugar consumption zaps adrenal strength and leaves you feeling exhausted and addicted to quick hits of false energy.


  1. Sleep improves dramatically: No more waking up to use the bathroom in the night, which is a surefire sign of blood-sugar imbalance. Sugar consumption decreases production of the neurotransmitter orexin, contributing to fatigue and drowsiness.


  1. Cravings disappear: Your body craves what you feed it. When you kick sugar out of your diet and start to fuel up with vegetables, leafy greens and delicious fruits, your body wants more of the good stuff.


  1. Hello mental clarity: Wave goodbye to brain fog, forgetfulness and irritability. Sugar in all forms has a dramatic influence on blood-sugar balance and hormone health. Clear thinking = productivity and creativity.


  1. Control: Once you ditch the sugar, you are in control of what you eat instead of mindlessly consuming snacks and candy just because they’re there. Control feels good and empowers you to make better choices, resulting in an improved personal and professional life.


  1. More sex: High sugar consumption has a negative impact on insulin production that, in turn, impacts a women’s menstrual cycle and a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection.


  1. No more belly fat: High sugar consumption decreases testosterone levels. Low testosterone can be seen in decreased muscle mass and nagging belly fat, neither of which isespecially sexy.


  1. Peace:Blood sugar highs and lows affect energy production and the ability to respond decisively to external stressors. Sugar consumption also suppresses Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a protein needed by the brain to repair itself that is commonly low in people who suffer from depression and anxiety. When you stop eating sugar, you no longer get blood-sugar spikes,making for a more balanced state of mind.


  1. Bigger bank balance:Those cheap snacks add up! Kick sugar aside, and you’ll also save tons of money on medical bills. According to the American Diabetes Association, the average cost of type II diabetes over a lifetime is US$124,600in the United States. And when you ditch sugar, you’ll gain a type of currency that has no price tag: good health!

 To learn more about ditching sugar and creating a new normal around food and health, join the program here!  

NutritionChosen Team