Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.
— Brené Brown, Author

Mission Statement

Chōsen’s mission is to create and support a global community of diverse individuals who seek to explore themselves and the world they inhabit.


Chōsen’s Values

  • Optimized Self-Care – Effective investment in oneself is central to the Chōsen philosophy. Through the knowledge and hands-on expertise of leading practitioners in their fields – backed up by rigorous scientific research – we expedite the physical and mental health that are fundamental to a life of excellence.

  • Purpose with Integrity – Our life choices are made with explicit goals in mind. While we recognize the importance of not wavering from our course if we are to succeed, we also accept that integrity – and how we reach our targets – is crucial to fulfilling our potential.

  • Courage and Honesty – Being open to new experiences, relationships and knowledge requires not only a spirit of enquiry, but also courage and honesty. Chōsen provides safe environments conducive to personal exploration without fear of judgment.

  • Continual Growth – Intellectual curiosity is best satisfied through exploration and play, which foster new discoveries, innovation, and joy. While Chōsen programs are based on solid science, we also encourage learning through hands-on experience and ongoing personal evolution.

  • Inclusive Community – Chōsen supports a diverse circle of individuals from across the planet who benefit from being connected. We value all points of view and lifestyles equally, believing we learn and improve through interaction with the new. Anyone can embrace the Chōsen Lifestyle; it is the choosing to do so that matters.

  • Sustainable Awareness – All our choices have an impact on the world around us. While seeking to be our best selves, we never forget our profound responsibility to respect and protect the natural environment.


Launched in 2013, the Chōsen philosophy was inspired by the Japanese concept of ikigai, meaning “a life worth living,” and the verb chō-sen suru (挑戦する), “to overcome a challenge for the first time.”

Chōsen founders John Stanton and Robin Connelley, who are also clean-tech venture capitalists, as well as longtime professional collaborators and friends, decided their hectic lives would benefit from greater health and balance. What began as a side project, hosting friends for fitness holidays in Bali, has grown into what Chōsen is today.


Through access to new experiences and open-minded people in conducive international locations, Chōsen’s signature programs encourage a meaningful, values-based, high-performance lifestyle, with self-belief at its core. Our alumni call this “The Chōsen Effect.”


Chōsen appeals to curious individuals who are determined to live their lives with purpose. The international Chōsen community is a close-knit network of high-performing entrepreneurs, business leaders, Olympians, creatives, and innovators. They choose to invest in themselves whilst in the company of others on the same journey.